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Weld Fasteners

P & R Fasteners

Since 1970, P&R Fasteners has been recognized as a global leader in the manufacture and supply of specialty fasteners and components. Over that time, we have developed an excellent reputation in the industry due to our extreme commitment to quality, service and price. This is evident in our ISO 9001:2008 certification, and our cutting-edge inventory management and logistics services, which allow us to provide specially-tailored programs to meet all of our customer's needs.

P&R has been recognized by many of its customers for its award-winning quality, service and support. As either a Tier I or Tier II supplier, P&R Fasteners currently supplies parts to all of the major Automotive manufacturers, including the "Big 3" - General Motors, Ford and Chrysler - as well as many of the "New Domestics" including Volkswagen, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, BMW, Mercedes, Hyundai and Fiat. In addition, P&R serves major OEM's in the Lawn and Garden, Appliances, Electronics, Consumer Products and Aerospace Industries as well.

With P&R's network of companies and joint venture partners strategically located around the globe, P&R can provide high-quality, cost effective solutions to provide the local service and support needed to support our global customer base.
Die Casting

P & R Castings

P&R Castings' capabilities include Die Casting, Sand Casting, Permanent Mold, and Investment Casting. In addition, as a vertically-integrated contract manufacturer, P&R Castings has been recognized as a leading Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) for mechanical assemblies. By utilizing its network of companies and joint-venture partners, P&R Castings provides a unique combination of engineering expertise and cost-effective manufacturing capabilities, to supply its customers with complete, cost-effective, ODM solutions.

P&R's engineering, manufacturing and distribution capabilities are strategically located to provide its customers with the best combination of quality, service and support by utilizing its global network. In addition to its casting capabilities, P&R also provides Injection Molding, Machining and secondary Plating, Assembly and Testing Operations.
A Veteran Owned Small Business  ISO 9001:2008 Registered
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